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dappytkeys portrait for youtube masterclass

Hi, I am Tim Oladeru (DappyTKeys) 


I've been a YouTube content creator since 2011. I recently crossed 1 million subscribers milestone on YouTube and below is a picture of my YouTube Creator gold award.

dappytkeys celebrates 1 million subscribers on youtube

The #1 Key To Growth on YouTube

As you probably know, creating great videos is not the only way to grow on YouTube. You need a strategic plan to get the right audience to watch your content and compel them to subscribe to your channel. Beyond subscribing, you need to turn these subscribers to loyal fans who would engage with your contents and share them with others.


I recently did a YouTube Masterclass which provides a complete guide to success on YouTube. Below are some of the feedback from people who participated in the Masterclass.

Gift Khatung

This has given me great knowledge about youtube and more confidence to begin my journey. I appreciate the bountifulness of knowledge and was well worth it. 

Jenny Constantine

I learned quite a few things I didn't know that helped me promote our channel. Since then our subscribers have more than tripled in only a few months. Very reasonably priced, too! Highly recommend!

Santiago Felix

The course is a blessing. I gained confidence and courage to start my YouTube channel. 


Whether you are starting from scratch or you would like to see some growth on your YouTube channel, I believe we can work together to achieve some great results for your channel through my YouTube Success Strategy Program.  


I understand the daily struggles that content creators face in trying to grow their channel on YouTube as I have faced those challenges myself. With over 10 years of experience on YouTube, I know how to navigate and overcome these challenges while providing tailor-made strategy for growth and success on YouTube.


Below is a chart showing my success journey from 6 subscribers to over 1 million subscribers.

dappytkeys youtube success growth chat

YouTube success strategy with Tim Oladeru is a six one-hour consultation offered over 3 moths. During this time, we will focus on the key areas of YouTube that will help you achieve your goals and provide you with tools to grow your channel faster. I will show you how to get the right audience to watch your content, compel them to subscribe to your channel, and eventually, turn these subscribers to loyal fans who regularly engage with your content and share them with others. 

Here are just a few of the benefits you'll enjoy when you sign up for my YouTube Success Strategy program:


  • Start and grow your YouTube channel

  • Review your YouTube channel and map out a strategy for growth

  • Develop a content creation strategy

  • Optimize your videos for better results

  • Understand YouTube Analytics

  • Explore monetization options

  • Build your brand on YouTube

Sign up for Tim Oladeru's YouTube Success Strategy program today and start your journey to success and impact on YouTube! Click the link below to book your session and let's create something amazing together. 

Watch 1 Million Subscribers Video

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