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Roya Fadina

I'm so happy to have been blessed by your channel! The fact that I hadn't prayed on my knees for sooo long,  and been ushered into the presence of the Holy Spirit, with the evidence of speaking in tongues, is a great testimony to your beautiful worship music! It made me realize how important it is, to spend quiet time with my Father. No phones, no distractions. Thank you for being a part of my prayer life and my meditation time. I will continue to support your channel!

Jenifer Brown

I just want to say thank you☺️. This is the music I play when I am in my secret place🙏.  My grand babies and I also fall asleep to your channel.  It changes the atmosphere.  Your music is so beautiful & peaceful!  When I am awaken throughout the night I read the scripture aloud and go back to sleep.  Your channel is such a blessing!

Sandra Davis

I was diagnosed with severe anxiety after going through several years of a very demanding job. I was suffering from panic attacks, shortness of breath, high heart rate and many more symptoms. The doctors told me to try "mediation" to help me calm down. This "meditation" did not help me at all because it left God out of the equation. Then I found DappyTKeys on YouTube, wow, did that change everything! During times of anxiety I would lie on my bed and turn on a video and not only did I meditate (on scriptures), I also adored and prayed to Jesus and HE calmed me down! For the first time to a long time I felt relaxed, calm, clear headed. Jesus healed me through DappyTKeys and I am forever grateful! Jesus is using you to help others in ways you will never know about. Thank you for doing God's Will!

Tifunder Cooper

My first real encounter with Holy Spirit was when I meditated with DappyTKeys music. At this time I had just given my life to Christ after leaving new age spirituality practices and being a full time guru where I practiced yoga, sound meditation and chakra healing so I’ll listen to a lot of “meditation music”. I didn’t quite understand how to pray to the one and only God after my transition, I literally had to start over  and learn how to.

It was when I turned on this music, I started to speak to God and pray like I never have before. It’s almost like my prayers are way more powerful when I listen to DappyTKeys.

That moment, I will never forget I was able to pray like I had been asking God to help me with, the answer to my prayers was in this music. I was unable to find the words but I found them through these sounds.


Sally Young

I started having vertigo episodes and was very sick to my stomach, I felt horrible. The spinning and dizziness was really bad.

By listening to DappyTKeys, through his music and prayers over us when he plays, it brought complete healing to my body. God answered my prayers through Tim and his anointed music. Many of my family members are now listening too. So grateful for this ministry.

Francine Hutcheson

Francine Hutcheson

When I can't sleep I will get up and turn on Dappy Keys. His music ministers to me calming my soul. Usually within the first hour I am in restful sleep. I also turn him on and have his worship filling my home as I go about my daily routine. Dappy has become an important part of my life.

Diana Davis

Dappy T Keys Music videos are a blessing for me as I sit and listen to the music it prepares my mind to begin my devotions with God. It is a soothing mechanism for me. Also when watching Dappy T Keys' Music I have found Bible scriptures that I have never read before until watching His videos. I usually go and find the Bible scripture and read the verse and/or the chapter. It's important that we are encouraged to read the Holy Bible. God continued blessings on you and your household Mr. Oladeru


My wife of 50 years woke up one morning this fall  with what has been diagnosed as a form of neuropathy.  Terrifying nights and days were made barely tolerable by incredible amounts of meds. God led me to playing music to help calm her and remembering your lovely and meaningful playing, I looked for and started playing your music almost exclusively.  It helps her rest or sleep through the toughest times of the day. Thank You for your ministry and music.

God Bless!

Eddie Stewart

My online Ministry has been greatly enhanced by the music of DappyTKeys. He's beautiful music ushers in the presence of the Lord. May God continue to bless and elevate this young man and his anointed music.

Patricia Kearse

Your anointing haves bless me scriptures would be right on time speak right into my situations .The anointed music you can feel changes the atmosphere helped to renew my mind speak and be reminded of the Most High promise no matter what is going on in my life .Thank you may the Most High divinely continue to bring abundance in your life as you give God honor bless many vessel for the Kingdom.

Bethel S.

I recently lost my youngest son of 29 years in September. I stumbled across your music while searching Pandora to add to my playlist. I cannot tell you how soothing to my soul your music has become. It is such an anchor in the sea of emotions that billow over me unexpectedly from time to time. I also play your music while reading my Bible or simply just spending alone time with the Lord.

I don’t think you’ll ever know the full extent of the impact your music has on people.

I thank God for your music.

May God bless everything you put your hands to.

Alicia Philips

I discovered this channel last year and listen to it daily. I have two autistic children and whenever my children hear this beautiful, anointed, spirit filled music they calm down. (I always think of David and Saul). I also use this music for my prayer time with the Lord. Whenever I turn it on I'm able to focus completely on the Lord and feel drawn to His presence. Thank you so much for using your gift to glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and for bringing so much peace into the homes of countless many. I pray God continues to bless and keep you and your entire family.

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